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San Diego Korean Karate Club



Joe Montanez, Chief Instructor and Director                                                                                                James Durante, Assistant Instructor

email:                       phone: 858.472.4807


School  location:

Nobel Recreation Center     --   8810 Judicial Drive        San Diego, CA 92122



Weekly Class Schedule:         Tuesday 6PM 7:30PM        Thursday 6PM 7:30PM



         Training regimen includes:

o       Technique basics (punches, kicks, blocks)        o       Hyung (martial arts forms/patterns)

o       Kicking, sparring and conditioning drills    o       Self-defense situations and tactics

o       Step- and Free-Sparring

         There are multiple local tournament and camp opportunities throughout the year.  Some opportunities may require travel out of state.

         Special self-defense seminars for women will be conducted throughout the year.